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Stop and Frisk is a Declaration of war on Black America by the Democrats. HARRIS 2024 PRESIDENT.

American “Exceptionalism” takes on many different guises still to this day. Gun laws that are the diametric opposite of every other Western nation and a private wealth care system, founded on the interests of big pharma and corporate greed, as opposed to a collectively owned health-care system, being just two great examples. But then, there is one more exceptional difference that confounds logic and belief to this day – American “justice” in the context of race.

Only in the Land of the Free could the killers of Ahmaud Arbery be found guilty of multiple racist felonies, but just days before, the racist killer Kyle Rittenhouse was fully acquitted of blatant, gratuitous murders in full view of the world. This judicial turpitude and inconsistency is only one part of an American society that is riddled throughout with injustice, white privilege, stark non-casual racism and live-threatening brutality.

“Justice for all” cannot be so if Messrs. McMichael, Sr and Jr, and Bryan face a minimum of life in prison for killing Arbery, while Rittenhouse faces a life of Fox News interviews, NRA dinners, meetings with Trump and working for the likes of human oil-slick, Matt Gaetz. The next time a white supremacist maniac takes the law into his gun-toting hands, you can be sure that you will hear a “Rittenhouse defense” being offered up and not a “McMichael defense.”

Biden has, with no hint of surprise but lots of predictability, offered mealy-mouthed words about American justice not doing what its supposed to do regarding Rittenhouse and then days later spouting off that it is doing what it’s supposed to do regarding the murderers of Ahmud Arbery. And then, with a shrug of the shoulders, back to whatever else he has to tackle on his daily Presidential duties. The worth of such platitudes long ago expired. That they are being used to address an American racism problem that is only getting worse, in the twenty-first century, is jaw-dropping.

It’s hard to think in history of a more feeble-minded approach to an on-going societal catastrophe. One may summon up the look of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938 in waving a piece of paper in the air declaring that Hitler was going to keep his word and not over-run more European countries –a hopeless spectacle. But then at least Chamberlain had the guts to then do something about it in 1939 and declare war on the Nazi Germany given that Hitler quickly broke his word, and attacked Poland. So that puts Biden’s approach to race, white supremacy and gun violence somehow below the performance of Chamberlain. Way to go Joe.

Black Americans are still not safe in the United States of America. Period. And

as the fish always rots from the head down, so it is that another conveyor-belt,

white, old male president is never going to be the solution to this 400 year-old

race problem that America is still suffering from. Therefore, for Black

Americans, the only viable presidential candidate for 2024 is current VP,

Kamala Harris. She has both the vision and radical credentials to start the huge

process of tackling the gargantuan issue of race inequality in the United States.

What is of deep concern is that there are millions more wannabe Rittenhouses,

Chauvins, and Zimmermans out there. They seethe with rage at Black America

and decry anything that isn’t Anglo-Saxon or European in origin, draped in the

Stars and Stripes, armed with a plethora of guns and a nod and a wink to this

country’s racist past and present. A problem that is as radical as that can only

be addressed with radical change, radical solutions and radical law-makers

such as Harris.

For America to ever become what it has always thought it was, a bastion of

freedom and equality, but has never come remotely close to being, is for the

American Dream to be massively overhauled. Right now, that dream is nothing

more than a living nightmare for tens of millions of Black Americans who live in

fear and economic disenfranchisement. Biden’s Build Back Better agenda

means nothing to them if they live in terror of seeing the flashing lights of a

cop car just behind them or a pick-up truck of style-styled red neck vigilantes

patrolling the neighborhood.

The vast majority of Black Americans no doubt want the US to be a genuinely

exceptional place to live. But for all the right reasons as opposed to the racially

motivated tragedies we see on our screens every day. So, with recent events,

the road is seemingly even longer and the work before us harder still, but

know this - proper racial justice and equality will prevail. There is no other



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