Stop and frisk is a declaration of WAR, Progressives must fight back.

The biggest deal with how the Nazis came to power in 1930s Germany was not just the

fascist thugs themselves. It was the millions of non-Nazi Germans who remained indifferent

to the rise of Hitler and his assault on freedom, democracy and, most notoriously, the Jews.

Progressives here in America need to remember that. There is no room for any

complacency and that is a gospel that they need to go and preach to those who are


That same formula of fighting not only fascists but indifference too, is also applicable to the

abject failure that is NYC mayor, Eric Adams. He still holds his fixation with “stop and frisk”

is one of the first steps on the slippery slope of American authoritarianism. We have to

ensure that a return to “stop and frisk” never again rears its miserable head again in NYC.

“Stop and frisk is tantamount to a declaration of war upon millions of law-abiding Black and

Brown Americans by the Democrats.

We must come together ever more so that before and stand our ground. We will not have

our human rights infringed upon in such a draconian fashion. If “stop and frisk” becomes

implemented once more, who knows what totalitarian steps follow that? If needs be,

shoulder to shoulder, we can shutdown both the MTA and the whole pandemic shaken city.

With the NYPD now on an authoritarian warpath, paved by Eric Adams, it is clearly time to

leap off the Democrats Jim Crow political plantation. Wake up call for the DNC and Eric

Adams – the slavery era is dead forthwith. The bottom line is that, in an NYC where we all

have COVID PTSD, Eric Adams must be stopped before anger and blood erupts on the

streets the People’s City.

The Democrats think that we are just the next generation of political suckers which, sadly,

some of our parents were. However, given that we know that we have history on our side,

they are the suckers, not us. We know, and crucially, accept, that the emerging $45 billion

dollar cannabis industry is the twenty-first century equivalent of the nineteenth century gold

rush. While we Smoke in Peace, maybe the real suckers can reflect on just exactly they

went wrong (and where would they start?!)

We owe this not only to ourselves, but to our children and future generations beyond them.

The country is already divided and reeling like nothing since the Civil War. Anti-democratic,

racist, misogynistic, neo-fascism, peddled by the likes of Trump, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan,

Marjorie Taylor Greene and yes, Eric Adams, is already riddled through American society

and is a clear and present threat to us all. We simply cannot allow Eric Adams and his neo-

fascist sidekicks terrorize us and generations yet to come. The seeds of full-blown fascism

have been planted in America and have started to grow. It is our sacred mission to wrench

these wretched weeds up from our city, our society and our country.

We are at a technological crossroads and consequently, we have the clear opportunity to

disrupt the traditional travel and tourism industries of the US. That crossroads also allows

us to destroy the political career of Eric Adams once and for all, weed style. Fellow