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The American Dream has never been a fully achievable goal for Black Americans.

As we know, these are unprecedented times that we live in. The American Dream has never been a fully achievable goal for Black Americans. An ongoing, centuries long nightmare would be a way more apt description – slavery, discrimination, poverty and literal murder in the streets at the hands of “law enforcement.” With that as a backdrop, we need to make another clarion call to vice-president Harris, Stacy Abrams and Kathy Hochul and too many for us to list here. So, our question to you is this: how long do you believe that Negroes world-wide will continue to tolerate being exploited, robbed and murdered by alien races? Remember this from Marcus Garvey:

Just so long until the truth is brought home to them, and when the sleeping giant awakens, even like Sampson, he may bring down the pillars of the temple.

Here’s the undeniable, indivisible truth – in no way can Kathy Hochul deny that she has uncovered Biden’s plan to enslave another generation of Black men and boys via minions and lickspittles such as NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his street weaponized Black Nazi “Scorpion” squads. Take note, Black people are not Biden’s Democrats’ generational free labor force. De Santis’ slavery fixated rhetoric down in Florida and Eric Adams bringing back slave patrols to NYC, especially when crime is down, is the Uniparty’s desperate attempt to increase the country’s prison population to satisfy the profit columns of their corporate masters.

Kathy Hochul displayed real courage in shutting down six Nazi inspired prisons in New York state. Now history demands that Hochul finishes the job and in doing so, remove “Stop & Frisk” Eric Adams from office. Every New Yorker knows that Adams is wholly unqualified to hold the office that he does. And that is of course at our expense. The whole reason for his election was simply to resupply the 1% prisons with Black bodies. Further, it’s crystal clear that Biden is the nefarious architect of such mass incarceration, having established that back in the 1990s. Using that malign experience, he is now the mastermind of the current push to turn America into a police state. Sadly, for him, we are not our naïve ancestors or parents. We are instead, digital Black America and this time, we aren’t going to take it.

Vice-president Harris, AOC, Hochul and Abrams, Black men are not asking for you to run in a traditional sense. No, we demand that you run on a digital basis and techno-migrate every Black American into our own political haven that is the Black Velvet Cloud. It is a universal truth that a previously enslaved race must be the first to be capture any new form of money and in doing so, embrace Crypto and the emerging block chain and digital era. As both a combat veteran and veteran tour operator, I’ve participated in some epic battles. The battle plan to unchain Black America from Biden’s prison slave labor neo-plantations, manned by Democrats, is now written in stone. Together as one, we must destroy Biden’s Democratic party and their donors’ insatiable appetite for cheap prison labor. Likewise, Eric Adams must not be allowed to become Black America’s Hitler without fervent political struggle and resistance on our behalf.

Further, it is imperative that we must both galvanize and organize the world’s 19 pioneering Crypto billionaires. We must declare war on the SEC for when as a race we free Crypto, we also free Black America. The rules have changed and the gloves are off. We are the vanguard of a new movement that the world has never seen before. And it’s one that isn’t going to be stopped. American politics is going to be shaken to the core by our movement. Our work is under way. Our resolve is diamond-strong. History shows us that every profound, history-shattering political movement had to start with the smallest of steps on the longest of their journeys. And on that point, we humbly accept that our mission will take exactly the same trajectory on route to our ultimate victory. Sorry Joe, but your tenure in the White House is going to be referred to in the history books of the future as being the very last of a dying breed of Caucaso-centric oppression – something that Black America has been enduring since at least the seventeenth century.

We have the digital future. Not you, political Democratic dinosaurs and co.


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