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The Chilling Hypocrisy of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

In a year when we thought the script couldn’t become any more harrowing, we now find ourselves mourning the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive and civil rights icon of our time. This is a national loss that will be difficult to recover from for potentially decades, given that the GOP and Trump have rapidly shown their rancid true colors to the American people by promising to have Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court as quickly as possible. And that is not just a big deal – it’s colossal.

If Trump, McConnel and the zombie-cultist members of the Trump party (formerly known as the GOP) get another conservative pick to the Supreme Court, the balance between conservatives and liberals Justices will seismically shift in favor of the zombies, 6 – 3. That represents a real threat to the likes of civil rights legislation, gun reform, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights and immigration. We could have a Supreme Court that could join Trump in trying to turn the clock back by a hundred years or me.

In stark comparison to Trump and McConnell rushing to try and fill Ginsburg’s position to further curry favor with his conservative, so-called “base”, let’s go back to 2016. Ten months prior to the Presidential election, Antonin Scalia, a conservative Supreme Court Justice, also passed away. The President Obama, in an effort to be bi-partisan and offer compromise, nominated a middle-of-the road candidate for Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. McConnel, in a shocking display of brazen partisanship and Machiavellian political machination, ensured that the Republican controlled Senate would not consider any replacement for Scalia, including Garland, until the Presidential election. In ten months’ time. McConnell’s logic? That the pick for the Court should not be done in a Presidential election year. Fast forward four years, less than 50 days out from a Presidential election, and McConnell and Trump are now A-OK with expediting their Supreme Court pick.

The stench of GOP hypocrisy emanating from this is overpowering. “Do as I say, not as I do” could become the next motto of the GOP. Assuming it’s not going to be “In Trump We Trust.” Even if Trump gets sent packing in November, he can still leave behind as his legacy, not only hatred and division, but also a judiciary stacked 6 – 3 in favor of a conservative interpretation of key points of law and Constitutional interpretation.

This serves nothing more than to underscore the fact that Trump and the GOP are political chameleons who don’t give a damn as to the real life needs of the majority of the American people. They are trapped in some kind of forever backward-looking United States, yearning for a pre-emancipation, pre-civil rights America that was founded in pure prejudice and inequality.

Trump being re-elected or not has always been a fundamental crossroads for this country. Literally, a choice between a real America, with choice, decency and dignity for all, or a pseudo-fascist state, dripping in bigotry and corruption from top to bottom. With the death of Ginsburg, that crossroads has become even more existential than ever before.

Remember, Trump will do whatever he can to hang on to power. His COVID-19 pandemic response has been more than sufficient example of that. Throw the liberal-conservative make up of the Supreme Court into the re-election mix and Trump will, unsurprisingly, choose political machination over the people he is supposed to represent every single time.

Mitch McConnell has repeatedly been shown to be the most unpopular Senator in the whole country by poll after poll. He has constantly thwarted the will of the American people when it has come to the likes of common-sense gun reform and health care. He now gets the chance to exacerbate that even further, which is almost too hard to believe that he can, by pushing for Ginsburg’s replacement as soon as possible. Yet again, the sickening, politically calculating side of McConnell and his party has been shown to the American people and the rest of the world.

Somehow, hypocrisy, which is a pretty potent word, fails to do this sorry situation justice. Just another low in the depraved world of Trump party politics.


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