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The Democratic Party will never stop the systematic hunting and enslavement of BLACK MEN.

As sure as night follows day, the Democratic Party will never stop the systematic hunting and enslavement of Black men, mere fodder for their dollar and blood drenched neo-slavery prison-industrial complex. That is a self-evident foundational flaw that is baked into the American body-politic. Consequently, the Black race can no longer keep the Democratic Party on a political life-support machine without real, tangible, compensation. And let’s face it, that’s never going to be supplied.

Further, Biden’s appalling refusal to endorse his very own vice-president cannot and will not stand. As long as Black America and Black politicians continue with their support for Biden’s Democrats, we as a race will continue to be oppressed, impoverished, incarcerated and murdered in our homes and in the streets. The stark reality is that the Democratic Party’s antiquated business model was and actually crafted in the slavery era. Keep that in mind and it comes as no surprise that the Democratic Party’s first and only dollar-bloated priority is to feed their mass incarceration complex with Black and marginalized victims.

In the past couple of weeks, we have watched agog as Twitter, Facebook and countless other tech companies have laid off thousands of their employees without a flicker of hesitation or emotion. What more evidence do we need to see to show that the White corporate landscape is corrupt and immoral to the bone? It will happily eat its own children if it deems it to be necessary and the Democrats walk with them hand-in-hand, all day every day.

Closer to home, specifically here in NYC, it is beyond reasonable doubt that current Mayor, and wannabe dictator, Eric Adams, was elected to both punish and humiliate Black New Yorkers. Adams’ “Stop and Frisk” has to be the stand-out example of that. It is both racist and a manifestation of economic terrorism – designed to stifle the prosperity of the city’s Black citizens. Likewise, Adams unleashing the NYPD on his own race, his own people, in the midst of a global pandemic, will go down in history as a crime against humanity worthy of a visit to The Hague. Democrats must be the party of the senile if they honestly think they can Stop and Frisk, aka terrorize, Black people in NYC with impunity and unaccountability. The clock is ticking Mayor Adams and orange would no doubt suit you well.

Add to Stop and Frisk an army of 100,000 cops, plus a failure to eradicate the Senate’s racist-inspired filibuster, and this sends the clearest message there is that Black Americans are worthless to the DNC, and that’s with vice-president Harris having been integral to the Democrats capturing the White House in 2020. This is what the Democratic Party is – an old, dying white nationalist political plantation party that is forever trapped in an analog past and absolutely unable to move into an imminent digital future. Put another way, the Democratic Party is a useless, visionless and soulless collection of corporate shills who continue to embrace and fund neo-slavery.

Vice-president Harris, you cannot deny that your party, the Democratic Party, genuinely sabotaged your reelection. As a result of that, Biden must be impeached as he is a clear and present danger to democracy. I have to ask, how can we allow Stop and Frisk of your own voters to continue and then expect to win? Let’s not forget that every student of political science, political economy and economics knows that the Black race can only be saved through both a solid industrial foundation and genuine political independence:

Take away industry from a race, take away political freedom from a race and you have a slave race.” ― Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Biden has no intention of eradicating the filibuster or endorsing your campaign. The man is not your ally. He is not your friend. That’s why we are here to help kickstart your presidential ambitions with a real plan. The universe got it right when America voted you in as vice-president. The Democratic Party’s insatiable appetite for cheap prison labor has rendered them a soulless, inhumane husk of a party. As a nation, we absolutely have to let the slavery era die. To the nation’s 160 million women and 40 million Black voters, the time to shutdown America’s neo-slavery penal institutions is upon us. America is more than ready for a Black woman president, just like the country has been ready for a Black tour operator, doctor, Supreme Court justice or hockey player.

Madam Harris, AOC and Stacey Abrams, after almost 30 years on the ups and downs of the road of travel and tourism, I see myself as the canary in the Democratic “coal mine” – there to provide early warning of pending calamity. The DNC is done as they have singularly failed to give any credence to that canary’s warnings. So it is then that 157 years after supposed Emancipation, Black America is still suffering, still bleeding. Therefore no one can deny that Black America can start their own political party for their fellow Americans and create real, lasting prosperity in a digital world.

The upcoming Roe v Wade Cyber-War will be pivotal in determining who will be the next president of the USA. So it follows that we believe that women worldwide have been waiting for this momentous digital moment in history. That is a moment where billions of women world-wide can finally be connected to one coin. It is also a moment in time where 1.4 billion Africans can also be connected to one coin and one zero fee travel Blockchain. In addition, finally average Americans, for so long overlooked, in blue and purple states can also be connected by one app. As a nation and a people, we must turn our laser focus upon a technological digital future that we hold to be an inevitability.

Technology and the pandemic have already disrupted both travel and politics – we now want to take that to the next level altogether. TIPNation.NYC seeks to disrupt both of those industries by making them one and the same through the redirection of travel dollars from companies and places that stand in the way of genuine progress to the people and places that foster it.

The travel side of our business is known collectively as Travel in Peace (TIP) Nation. This is our wrap-around platform for building, managing and growing shared economic communities, not only in the US but around the world, that support our mission to travel in peace. In these global communities, we are creating vanguard political action committees and promoting pro-UBI candidates to fight the anti-BnB and anti-tourism agenda. We are also providing a plethora of economic opportunities communities through TIPBnB, TIPCruise and TIPtours. Each community will have hosts and tour guides to effectively manage each destination, strengthen our brand and support locally owned businesses, including independently owned hotels (via TIPHotel).

From my own perspective, it has never mattered where I have lived. Be that Fairbanks Alaska, Sacramento California, I have automatically been treated with contempt and suspicion as a potential criminal. Consequently, I have consistently been denied the basic right as an American citizen to operate a successful business in the travel industry, based on extreme prejudice and harassment from local government officials. Based on my despicable treatment in Alaska and California, I was inspired by the anti-apartheid economic embargo imposed on racist South Africa, but using today’s technology to implement that, with the Travel in Peace (TIP) political party at the vanguard of that, both practically and spiritually.

As one of the few Black tour operators in America, I extend my eternal gratitude to you for joining me on this journey of discovery and forensic examination of Black America’s politics, history and economics. It is now and it's time to take over our fair share of the $8.8 trillion dollar Jim Crow travel industry. The political party that you bond with is always going to provide you with the tour of your life – even more so with our tailored movement.

We need both prudent and expert action to ensure that the party creates a global digital network for its voters.

That is us. Period. Join us. Period.

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