The GOP: The Worst Monopoly Players Ever.

There has long been a wildly misplaced perception, held by many

Americans and ingrained in the DNA of the US body-politic, that the

country occupies the gold standard of democracy. That is wildly

wrong on any number of accounts. Consider any of the following.

The Revolution and subsequent Constitutional Republic founded on

discrimination, had a life-blood of wide-scale disenfranchisement

also. Blacks, women and the non-propertied were deprived of the

vote. It took centuries to put that straight and it still isn’t as it

should be.

American democracy has morphed into an oscillating two-party

system, Democrat and Republican, that serves the few, not the

many. A choice between food poisoning or dysentery is really no

choice at all.

The 2010 ruling in Citizens United vs the Federal Election

Commission further rigged the democratic playing field by increasing

the political influence of corporations, donors and the super-rich.

Just those three factors alone point to a democracy that is far

from healthy. And then along comes the Trump-infested GOP of the

twenty-first century, determined to do even more democratic

damage. Knowing that their policies and political well-being are

increasingly exposed and on the line, three months into 2021 and any

number of state Republican parties have proposed electoral

legislation that disenfranchises non-white Americans further still.