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The Great Resignation and Birth of Tipnation.NYC

The Great Resignation

Just when you thought it was safe to back in the Great COVID Recovery waters, along comes a

Russian shark named Putin, and the whole world is again in the midst of psychological siege

mentality that has now been running since the start of 2020. Many of the socio-economic

norms and behaviors that we thought were set in stone for all time, have crumbled before our

very eyes. Perhaps the biggest monolith to fall apart in our everyday lives? How, and why, we

work the way that we have done.

In 2021 alone, it was estimated that 38 million Americans quit their jobs. And that trend is

continuing into 2022 with gusto. Workers who had long been fed up with their jobs, who

wanted something better, found the COVID pandemic to be the catalyst for change. The

current blood-shed in the Ukraine only adds to that. After all, what two better things to get you

to fundamentally assess what you want from life, of which work is a large part of – a global

pandemic and a dangerous international conflict.

Pre-pandemic capitalism had it all too easy. Too many workers blindly clocked in, ran in their

hamster wheel, clocked out and went home to hopefully never ever think about their job again.

Until the alarm clock went off again the following morning, and off they went again. Sunday

night blues, the grind, the suspect sociopath boss, the wearisome commute, the crummy pay

and so on. Something had to give. And it did with the onset of COVID. The number of people

that are continuing to tender their resignation continues to show us that the American worker

wants better. Much better.

A significant question remains though. Where are those 38 million that quit their jobs? That’s

a monstrous number of resignations. Sure, some will have found better jobs working at home,

for themselves, or on side gigs. But the entire 38 million?

That question ties in seamlessly with TIPNation’s core philosophy that Black America has a once

in a lifetime opportunity to seize and own the digital travel era.

It really is a case of now or

never as if we don’t act now, the established profit-driven, racist, capitalist model will assuredly

rise again and forever subjugate that multi trillion-dollar industry for the rest of time. With that

in mind, a special shout-out to Black America. Just as White America owned the slavery era, so

Black America needs our politicians, our foresight and our determination to form a political

party that will take over the $8.8 trillion-dollar digital travel era. This is tourism re-imagined for

the people by the people.

That is where we need the newly resigned to join our ranks. For too long they were deemed to

be mere pawns in a game of chess in which they had no real interest in in the first place. And it

isn’t just American workers that are fundamentally re-assessing how they work and how they

should travel. The TIPNation brand is wholly exportable to 182 nations around the globe. That

means ultimately expanding Yang’s 2K UBI beyond the shores of the US. That means AOC’s

Climate and Tourism Corps growing and straddling the planet.


Every cloud is meant to have silver-lining. The COVID pandemic and Putin’s despotic behavior

in attacking the Ukraine are two of the darkest clouds that many of us have seen in our life-

times. There are massive opportunities before us. However, we cannot, and we will not, allow

exploitative, corporate billionaire, rats trapped in a cage, “business as usual” to repress us any


The game has changed. The gloves are off.

We welcome that millions of workers have now been shaken out of their slumber and have

decided that they are masters of their own employment destiny. That is great, but there is

much better to be secured beyond that. We need their numbers, army sized numbers, to join

us so as to make the inevitable “UBI Progressive America” materialize sooner than it ordinarily

is going to.

As we have stressed before, whoever controls the $8.8 trillion dollar travel and tourism

industry, controls NYC and by extension, the world beyond.

This is too much a gilt-edged

opportunity to allow it to slip through our fingers and back into the RNC and DNC backed hands

of twenty-first century virtual plantation owners. That is not happening. Not on our watch. As

ever, our doors are open. Join us.

Move on from the Great Resignation and to the next level,

the Great TIPNation Transformation and Yang's 2KUBI


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