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The likes of Adams, with full DNC backing, are so far removed from the genuine spirit of NYC.

Putin’s Russia has many unsavory elements to it. Aside from invading sovereign nations and

massacring civilians for fun as you do so, his regime has an established history of promoting a

flawed democracy, the jailing of political dissidents, and human rights violations based on race,

gender and sexuality. There is through another hallmark that Putin’s Russia currently shares

with the USA. And that’s extra-judicial killings. Putin’s particular favorite seems to be

dispatching his opponents with poison, both home and abroad. In contrast, America’s

preferred method of murdering those that it views to be outside of the regular societal order,

aka non-White, is by police execution.

In yet another street killing, footage has been released by the police department of Grand

Rapids, MI, of one of their cops deciding that the best way to resolve a traffic stop was to fatally

shoot the suspect, Patrick Lyoya, in the back of the head. While the cop’s name has not yet

been disclosed, rest assured Putin would undoubtedly approve. Lyoya’s name, sadly, goes on

to a seemingly endless list of Black men slain in America by out-of-control American cops. Not

only do American police now help out with directing traffic or helping lost tourists, they can

also act as judge, jury and executioner.

If you watch the run up to the execution of Lyoya (and it’s out there, easily found online), you

quickly see that he was both scared and confused. As a 26-year-old native of the Democratic

Republic of Congo, he was no doubt unprepared for Putin style American policing. Shot in the

back of the head – that’s quite the American Dream. Just when you think that the bar for police

brutality can’t get any lower, it sinks further and further into the ground China Syndrome style.

In an environment such as this, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that it is open season on

Black men in America. Which brings us to another headline grabber - for all the wrong reasons.

While White cops continue to slay Black men in the street with impunity, NYC’s attempt at a

mayor, Eric Adams, continues to throw fuel on the racial fire. Sadly, you will recall that in other

news this last week, that a gunman ran amok on the Brooklyn underground, injuring many (and

thankfully killing no one). While that is of course appalling, we have to look at the context here.

In this case, it’s that Adams and his Democrat backers are willingly turning NYC in to a war-

zone, primarily by the use of “Stop and Frisk”. This favored toy of Adams’ is seeing thousands

upon thousands of law-abiding Black and Brown men (and it invariably is always men) subject

to arbitrary police harassment. How on Earth did we ever get to such an awful state of affairs?

The likes of Adams, with full DNC backing, are so far removed from the genuine spirit of NYC

that it defies logic. While we make absolutely no excuse for anyone committing a mass-

shooting, as we know, NYC at the best of times can be challenging. The city laughs, the city

cries. The city is welcoming, the city is daunting. The city makes great, the city makes humble.

Then add to that already potent mix a once in a century global pandemic, with subsequent hard

lockdown across NYC, and complete the “rain on the parade” feel with Eric Adams ascending to

the position of city mayor.

Despite being black, Adams never sold his soul to the white privilege political establishment.

And that’s because he never had a soul in the first place. He views his fellow Black citizens as

mere pawns to be pushed around the NYC chess-board of every-day life, including turning a

blind-eye to police excesses, all because it’s supposedly being done in the name of “law and

order.” There is then only so much more that Black citizens can take and still the racist system

ploughs on, disrespecting and toying with them from dawn to dusk. Just as repugnant White

supremacist Timothy McVeigh committed his outrage in Oklahoma City (which we make no

apology for), he too felt that same sense of being pushed to the very side-lines of society.

Some persecuted individuals, like McVeigh and the Brooklyn shooter, feel they have to take

things into their own hands as they are never going to get any help and / or recognition.

2022 was meant to be the COVID recovery year, and while the damn virus has not yet been

held properly in check, the tide does seem to be turning. If only the same could be said about

American police brutality. Genuine justice will come, that we know – it’s what we fight for

every day. Until that time though, Putin may actually end up being ejected from Ukraine.

Which as things stand right now, will be a way easier job than ending American police brutality.

But still a job we relish working at.


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