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The US is Literally Burning – and Trump is the Arsonist in Chief

California, Oregon and Washington are burning as you read this. Not just an isolated forest fire here and there. Over two million acres of land have been incinerated in California alone (last year, by way of comparison, during the entire 365 days, California lost approximately 119,000 acres to wildfire). This is clearly a deadly, catastrophic situation.

Our grifter-Commander-in-Chief, our very own stable genius, Donald Trump, on visiting California to see the mind-blowing devastation first-hand, offered up these nuggets of full-blown dim-wittedness:

It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch.”

And with reference to the tsunami of scientific evidence confirming climate change is very real and very, very dangerous:

I don’t think science knows.”

There we have it. Peer reviewed and then re-reviewed science be damned. The strange orange man with the even stranger hair, with a penchant to snuggling up to world dictators and local neo-nazis, somehow knows better.

Meanwhile, hurricane after hurricane continues to slam into the south-east of the US, in a wholly unprecedented fashion, and huge chunks of both polar regions continue to remorselessly turn from ice to water – trillions and trillions of gallons of water that has to go somewhere (try downtown New York or London).

If you weren’t paying attention to the late summer / early Autumn of 2020, you now need to be. While the west coast of the country literally goes up in flames, Trump continues to downplay the COVID-19 pandemic to the point of using his rally-going red hat wearers as absolutely convenient pawns to be disposed of – even to the point of contracting a non-socially distanced, non-masked potentially lethal virus.

Trump is the walking, snarling, bloated embodiment of Isaac Asimov’s pertinent phrase: “My ignorance is as good as your knowledge.”

Trump is dragging 35% of the country, who slavishly agree with literally everything that he says or tweets, down into his dystopian world of fantasy everything. Climate change is a “hoax”, news of any sort other than that spewed out by One America News Network or Breitbart is “fake”, while truth has become utterly subjective, determined only by the whim of a petulant, narcissistic, man-baby.

Not content with the streets being alight courtesy of protests about the lack of social justice and police brutality, Trump is also unbothered to see the west of the country also light up in horrifying fashion.

One of the may duties of the American President is to protect the citizens of the country, from both foreign and domestic threats. Who would have ever thought that the biggest threat to the American people right now, is its own President? The sobering state of affairs is that he is and as long as he is in office, he will increasingly be so.

Not since the Civil War has America had a leader that appeals specifically to one part of the country and one part alone and to hell with the consequences of that. Not ever has America had a leader that undeniably puts himself before the country, no matter what the damage or what the death-toll.

If it hasn’t become obvious to you by now, then it likely never will – the country has been hijacked by a one-man fraud-show. Lower and the lower the bar still goes – louder and louder does his frenzied cult egg him on with mindless verbal vomit such as “he tells it how it is” or “he stands up for forgotten America.” The only thing that has been forgotten, because Trump never knew it in the first place, is the democracy – the very essence of what the US is meant to be.

Trump is actually prepared to let a large area of the United States literally burn – all because those are particular states that he identifies as being blue and not red (sad irony is that they are red now, but not for political reasons).

The President is meant to defend the country against all threats, foreign and domestic, which in this case absolutely means supporting fire ravaged states. The question is though, as the fires rage, who is going to protect the United States from not just foreign and domestic threats, but the rage of its own President?


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