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This is a call to arms to160 million women.

This is a call to arms to the 160 million women that call America the only home they have and want it to be the only home they have. We are living in unprecedented times. Take heed. Because there’s no other option.

The election of Eric Adams to the office of Mayor of New York City was the inevitable last piece of the Democrats puzzle to re-enslave Black Americans nationwide. And the modus operandi of that is the 1% immoral for-profit, neo-slavery inspired for-profit prison industrial complex.

Democrats seem to be numb to that fact that when they declare war on Black America, all the while black-balling vice-president Harris, they are effectively handing the 2024 elections to the GOP, along with the likes of a woman’s right to choose per the end of Roe v Wade.

Andrew Yang, that master of foresight, was utterly vindicated when he set the foundational groundwork for our collective future by creating the Forward Party. TIP Party and WomenPartyUSA will provide women, financial cryptologists and the people’s Big Tech movement the soaring heights of growth, all the while regulated by in-the-trenches technologists. The neo-Slavery Era has to finally perish, along with the outdated policies of Biden and the DNC, and president Harris’ digital era will see to it that that exactly that happens.

Let us underscore the fact again, centrist Democrats think they can continue to black-ball the Black race and incarcerate us at will. Consequently, as a nation, we find ourselves at a technological fork in the road of our destiny, one that we must grab so as to tokenize, digitize, weaponize and mechanize our president to be, Kamala Harris. Further, we need to blockchain, self-fund and become infinitely crypto-strong. By doing so, we can conquer the emerging unchartered, yet potential-filled, waters of the imminent digital era. The Democrat-Republican hybrid that is the UniParty is trying their absolute utmost to pass their blood-soaked historical whip to their minion and lackey, “Stop and Frisk” Eric Adams.

VP Harris, we firmly believe that the Democratic Party really is no friend of yours. It is wantonly and maliciously blackballing your pre-ordained destiny and character. With every respect ma’am, you need to break free from their nefarious grasp. America and the rest of the world come to that, is at a technological fork in the road of epoch-framing proportions. Consequently, ma’am, you and all pro-choice, progressive women, should seriously consider migrating from the analog dinosaur Democrats to their own Big Tech party. The emerging $1 trillion-dollar world of Crypto currency, climate change and the $8.8 trillion global travel recovery is most certainly the path that we should be on. Both parties, aka the UniParty, have declared war on Black America, as well as women, to resupply the immoral 1% billionaire classes and their ceaseless quest for more bodies for the for-profit prison complex. Enough is enough!

Never forget that your political party is the tour operator of your life. Don’t think things can change for the better? Well, our struggle can be tough at times, let there be no doubt of that. But with the recent, final, indictment of Trump, these remain times of political upheaval and turnaround. Our message then has never been as strong as it is now.


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