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The latest news is currently dominated by the war crimes of Putin’s armed forces in

Ukraine. Harrowing images of gross violations of the rules of war and of human rights

leap out at us from our screens of whatever size. People are disgusted, and rightly so.

Yet closer to home, much closer to home, NYC’s home-grown Putin, Mayor Eric Adams,

is doing his bit to join in the human rights’ violations bandwagon with his assault on the

homeless of the city. Adams has, horrifically, now directed the NYPD to tear down the

encampments of the city’s homeless. Yes, you read that right, the city’s homeless.

This of course begs the question, assuming you actually have a heart and a

conscience, as to how this is even a thing? If you leafed your way through a history

book and found out the same had happened in Hitler’s Germany, or Mussolini’s Italy,

would you be surprised? Undoubtedly you would not. You could also imagine Putin

doing the same or any number power-thirsty autocrats around the world that currently

occupy the corridors of power. So how is that even remotely possible in twenty-first

century NYC? Well, there is a two-word answer to that – Eric Adams.

Adams’ twisted logic is built on the premise that those homeless individuals living in

boxes, or tents or other constructed means of survival, should have what they built torn

down, by the police, as they should instead be in city shelters. At the same time,

Adams professes to “care” about the city’s homeless as, and take a deep breath, it’s

apparently “ok” to be homeless and on the streets, but it’s not “ok” to have any material

surroundings that would provide you with a morsel of protection from the elements and

the predatory outside world.

There are further historical precedents here. The South African apartheid regime took

particular pleasure in violently breaking up Black settlements and townships – all in the

name of “security.” Sounds familiar? It does. That’s because it’s a mirror copy of what

Adams has inflicted on the city’s most vulnerable citizens. And with history in mind,

there’s more to come…

Trump lickspittle and disgraced former Republican NYC mayor Rudi Giuliani also had

his own vendetta against NYC’s homeless. Back in the 1990’s, in his own display of a

tin-pot abuse of power, Giuliani made sleeping on the streets a criminal offense. Just

like with Adams’s latest move, that was a politically expedient display of posturing that

failed to address the root cause of just why people end up on the streets – a failed

system of free market economics that rewards greed and punishes the most vulnerable.

You can be pretty confident that tucked away in Adams’ cell ‘phone contacts, you would

find Giuliani’s number.


his is all “tough on crime” show-boating from Adams as he is devoid of both empathy

and real policies and solutions. “Out of sight, out of mind” just doesn’t cut it when it

comes to the issue of homelessness. Never was there a clearer case of prevention

being better than cure. Then there’s the fact the fact that NYC’s shelter system is not fit

for purpose and down-right dangerous. No wonder those down on their luck on the

streets opt to build their own shelters, only to have Adams have the police and city

workers come in and tear those down, stigmatizing already traumatized human beings

even further.

There is an undercurrent of bigotry and wild misunderstanding at play here. And that is

some, and that no doubt includes Adams, believe that homeless people actually choose

to be on the streets. Further, that if only they’d pull themselves up by their boot-straps,

they wouldn’t be in the predicament that they find themselves to be in.

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how ridiculous that is. Why would

anyone choose to be exposed to the risk of assault, rape, disease and a whole myriad

of exploitation? It sounds a simple question, because it has such an obvious answer –

they wouldn’t. And sadly, we can now add the additional risk of Adams’s city henchmen

tearing down the home-made shelters of the homeless. Sickening.

If anyone needs to be swiftly removed from where they currently inhabit, it’s Eric Adams

from the office of NYC mayor. Perhaps he could go and move in with Putin in the

Kremlin and leave us to come up with real solutions for the city’s homeless situation?



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