VP Harris, we see as clear as day that Biden and the DCCC are stealthily gaslighting your destiny.

Let’s get this straight from the get-go. Black Veterans that live in NYC, and all law-abiding Black That right is non-negotiable now,and infinitely. Consequently, “stop and frisk” is not only unconstitutional, it is physical and sexual assault.

Every last TIP veteran took a solemn, unbending oath to die by police suicide rather than to be subjected

to sexual humiliation by the NYPD. We are earnest, honest, dignified, men.

VP Harris, AOC and Stacy Abrams, please take up our cry, the Black race has been

taunted, exploited and traumatized for centuries by both Republicans and Democrats. Black individuals of

both genders have been brutalized and sexually denigrated by White tyrants ever since we first arrived on

these shores.

And talking of tyrants, see how Black America has actually, stomach-churningly, managed to create a

white supremacist gatekeeper for NYC, and that is Mayor Eric Adams. We continue to stress that we

simply have to bring Eric Adams tenure to a swift, uncompromising end. He just cannot stay in power –

for the good of NYC, New York State and the country as a whole. Nazi Eric Adams will not try to become

Black America's Hitler without political bloodshed.

To every progressive Democrat in New York State, it is crystal clear, and self-evident, that Eric Adams,

Biden and Bloomberg colluded with GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin to turn the governor’s

mansion ruby Republican red.

The logic behind that was that they yearned to turn New York state, and

eventually all of urban America, into a police state that would enslave yet another generation of Black

people. Despite crime and prison populations both being on a significant downward trend, both the GOP

and the Democratic party continue to salivate at the prospect of maintaining their political power built on

slave / cheap labor. Still, crime in NYC and the country as a whole is always a double-edged sword, so

much so that White America can’t keep redlining and black-balling Black business without turbo-charged