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We are making another call out to vice-president Harris, Stacey Abrams and AOC – three titans of contemporary American politics.

We clearly see the death and destruction happening in Palestine with the blessings and financial support of Biden and his soulless Democrats. In stark contrast, what you can’t see are the generational terrorists that are hijacking Black men from their wives, children and communities to work for free in Biden’s prisons. VP Harris, we are now 159 years after emancipation yet, unbelievably, we now have a Black cop NYC mayor actually vetoing police transparency and anti-solidarity confinement bills. That prison slave labor is created and sustained by the 1%, ensuring that the Black race is continually ensnared by the financial predators of the Wall Street stock exchange. It’s really a simple formula – keep the prison population high to continue making their money.

Ladies, there should be no doubt in your minds about Eric Adams being the lynchpin enslaver for the 1%. His primary purpose is to have the NYPD terrorize the Black race and ultimately fill empty beds in prison. Just recently, the NYPD stopped and harassed a former Central Park 5 individual who has been fully exonerated and is now a NYC council member. All of this is an outrage and needs to stop immediately. 

VP Harris, it is your moral responsibility, placed upon you by 70 million American voters to end neo-slavery in the USA. The only way to do that is to run for president, which entails you running a digital campaign for the ages. In doing so, you will be liberating 47 million Black Americans, and their allies from Biden’s 1% Wall Street stock exchange vultures. It will also emancipate those millions from the grasp of the Democrats, the true penal party. Legalized and fully regulated Crypto exchanges and Block Chain will ensure the ultimate victory for our big tech political party.

Further, VP Harris must get the FBI involved in dismantling the biggest slave scheme since the 1800s. Biden and the Uniparty of DemoPublicans have contrived to lure millions of naïve immigrants to American soil, only to subsequently have them imprisoned. Crime and the prison population is actually dropping and consequently, the 1% are furiously demanding that their paid for politicians resupply their prisons. This is precisely why you must run for president on a platform that includes legalizing Bitcoin. In doing so, it will open the door for political parties to be able to substitute the immoral 1% donor class and corrupt politicians with political parties created using Block Chain technology. We firmly believe that Crypto is not only the currency of the future, but that it will fuel global politics, minus analog imperialist ideology.

We, the descendants of slaves, are now writing the blueprint of trues political and economic freedom.

Our time will come.


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