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“This party is a broad umbrella.” A phrase that has always been

baffling given that a party needs to have a more or less unified

focus on a whole range of policies and issues. Which leaves us with

the present mess of the Democratic “coalition” that consists of

genuine, radical progressives such as AOC and Rashida Tlaib on the

one hand, and then on the other, very much right hand, are the likes

of Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

Policy differences are one thing within a party. Complete ideological

differences based on cynical electoral concerns are another. Both

Manchin and Sinema claim to be Democrats. Yet both are

extraordinarily mindful of the conservative-leaning states they both

represent (West Virginia and Arizona respectively) and are seriously

raining on the progressive parade right now. Both have made their

opposition to the federal minimum wage being increased to $15.00

per hour more than obvious. Likewise, their objection to the Senate

filibuster being done away with, much to the dismay of many. Has

also been prominent.

Be under no illusions, both Manchin and Sinema care little for the

well-being of Americans, while caring a whole lot about their ongoing

political and electoral fortunes given the sizeable number of

conservatives to be found in their states. With a current 50-50

split in Congress, with only Vice-President Harris able to break that

legislative tie in favor of the Democrats, it is very much the case

for that to happen there has to be a clean sweep of all 50 Democrat

Senators in complete unison. Which makes Manchin and Sinema’s

donning Democrat hats while giving a nod and a wink to their GOP

leaning states, all the more dismaying. And even more head-ache

inducing for progressives.

There is though an irony here. While Manchin and Sinema are, and

as much as they won’t admit it, trying to play tin-pot king-makers in

Congress by holding their fellow Democrat colleagues to policy

ransom, they in turn are being held ransom by their own electorate.

Fear does funny things, especially so if you are a pretend liberal

Senator mindful of representing a battleground state with sizeable

numbers of conservative voters potentially waving their electoral


Manchin and Sinema are not only phonies, they are part of a dying

breed – conservative leaning Democratic dinosaurs. If you want to

see the real future of the liberal-left, then NYC is your portal to

the future. AOC is the future. Jamaal Bowman is the future. Suraj

Patel is the future. And so is Andrew Yang, entering the electoral

fray to become mayor of NYC in 2021. These are genuine people

with genuine progressive credentials.

This is where TIP Party comes firmly into play. The Democratic

Party, ran by the DNC, is an emptying husk of representation for

regular men and women of both NYC and the country beyond. It will

never come close to ever registering with the DNC that the majority

of the American people want real change. Not compromise, not sell

it short by an arms-length and hope no-one will notice. No, they want

and deserve change. TIP Party is that change and it will welcome

with open arms the likes of AOC, Yang and any progressive that

wants to actually do something other than re-hash what has come


NYC Progressives, it really is as simple as this: The city and political

party that controls the $8.8 trillion dollar global (currently racist)

travel industry controls the world. NYC is the vibrant, beating heart

of the universe.

The endless oscillation between moderate Democrats and extremist

Republicans will, if not checked, eventually finish the USA off.

Voters want new parties for not only the good of themselves, but

for democracy also. TIP Party is a rising force in NYC, a force that

will continue to build and ultimately wash away the calculating likes

of Manchin, Sinema and any other conservatives clearly posing as

something that they are not.

As we have noted before on TIPNation, if you keeping doing the

same things, that inevitably fail, but each time you expect a

different result, then you are waltzing in the dance-hall of insanity.

And hold the front page – America is actually a liberal, progressive

country at heart. It was born of revolution, with then conservatives

wearing red jackets. Those that wanted change wore blue. Change,

like TIP Party, cannot be stopped. It can be held up for a while, but

its triumph is inevitable.

At the heart of Travel in Peace Nation is a political movement

rooted in social tourism. Social tourism is the extension of tourism

benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to

travel. Our version benefits both the traveler and the host


We believe that 90 million young voters, and growing, are ready to

embrace a new political party that espouses progressive ideas,

universal basic income, social justice movements, universal global

travel as well as political self-funding which effectively eliminates

lobbyists dictating policy.

Technology and the pandemic have already disrupted both travel and

politics—we want to take that to the next level together by

harnessing the power of the pandemic for social good and to reclaim

NYC'S 65 million tourists, FAST.

Every historian, economist and politician worth their salt will agree

the following. That a formerly enslaved people who, after 250

years in bondage were emancipated with nothing more that the

clothes on their back, and then struggled more for the next 156

years, courtesy of Jim Crow, segregation and poverty, simply must

use the power of the pandemic to collectively free themselves

economically from their oppressors by political means.

Fellow New Yorkers, bothers and sisters in arms, we have a plan, we

have the right people in place and we have the technology. Now all

we need is just the political will to free ourselves from the donor

likes of McGuire, Stringer and Donovan. We know that they are

nothing more than puppets for the 1%. Let’s not allow the likes of

Manchin and other conservative sponsored politicians the

opportunity to pretend they govern us when it’s been shown time

after time that they will sell us out.

Consequently, Manchin and Sinema would do well to crawl back under

whatever conservative rock they originally emerged from. Voters

need to have real electoral options. And progressives, from the

most prominent in Congress down to the grass-roots, need to take a

good, long look at their Democratic Party membership card, toss it in

the trash, and sign up with TIP Party.


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