“This party is a broad umbrella.” A phrase that has always been

baffling given that a party needs to have a more or less unified

focus on a whole range of policies and issues. Which leaves us with

the present mess of the Democratic “coalition” that consists of

genuine, radical progressives such as AOC and Rashida Tlaib on the

one hand, and then on the other, very much right hand, are the likes

of Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

Policy differences are one thing within a party. Complete ideological

differences based on cynical electoral concerns are another. Both

Manchin and Sinema claim to be Democrats. Yet both are

extraordinarily mindful of the conservative-leaning states they both

represent (West Virginia and Arizona respectively) and are seriously

raining on the progressive parade right now. Both have made their

opposition to the federal minimum wage being increased to $15.00

per hour more than obvious. Likewise, their objection to the Senate

filibuster being done away with, much to the dismay of many. Has

also been prominent.

Be under no illusions, both Manchin and Sinema care little for the

well-being of Americans, while caring a whole lot about their ongoing

political and electoral fortunes given the sizeable number of

conservatives to be found in their states. With a current 50-50

split in Congress, with only Vice-President Harris able to break that

legislative tie in favor of the Democrats, it is very much the case