When It Comes to Algebra or Anything Else, ACB Never Equals RBG.

For a man who prides himself on being an unpredictable “disruptor”, Donald

Trump is actually very predictable. Aside from being a racist, misogynist, pro-

billionaire buffoon, he is also a massive religious hypocrite. An individual more

aloof of Christian principle it would be hard to imagine – multiple marriages,

“relationships” with porn stars, and hatred for most of mankind. So, it comes as

no surprise that he has picked Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) as a Supreme Court

successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG). Surprise-surprise.

ACB is a woman of the Catholic faith. An interpretation of that faith that in

her case is particularly bigoted and hurtful. Her views on affordable health

care and immigration are straight out of the Dark Ages, while her views on