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Women founders raised a meager two percent of venture capital money in 2021.

It’s a little-known fact, but not to us, that women make a whopping 82% of all travel decisions in the mix of the 8.8 trillion dollar travel industry. Conversely, according to Bloomberg, women founders raised a meager two percent of venture capital money in 2021. Black American founders account for even less at 1.4%. That gives a combined total of 3.4% venture capital money not in the hands of White men. Therefore, to the 160 million women and 40 million, the fundamental economic problem that they face is an overwhelming lack of resources. The only way that that can be addressed is through and by obtaining political power that will allow for full economic enfranchisement.

If women make 82% of all travel decisions, it logically follows that that they should have ownership of 50% of the travel industry (more would be better, but that’s a good starting point – women tend to be the more reasonable, accommodating half of the species after all). Consequently, every Black and female politician should have an iron-clad allegiance to your ever faithful voters. Each of you has a sacred moral responsibility to vigorously secure new sources of revenue for your voters. Make no mistake, venture capitalists are giving billions of dollars of support to tepid, mediocre White make founders. That entails women being ignored because those same venture capitalists are Handmaid’s Tale gender-specific fundamentalists. They really do want women at home, barefoot and pregnant.

We have to keep the focus on the critical battle for Roe v Wade, while at the same time being mindful that the GOP, now that they have the House, are desperate to also gain control of the Senate and the White House. That’s a sea of red flags right there. And yet, what do we get to see? The Democrats disenfranchising their core Black voters, especially so in NYC, with the racist and totalitarian practice of Stop and Frisk. And that now goes hand in hand with the party of NYC Mayor Eric Adams snatching the mentally ill off the streets, parks and subways of the city and then housing them who knows where. Every action that Adams takes is simply meant to incarcerate yet another generation of Black potential.

Democrats are giving a nod and a wink to Adams and his NYPD foot-soldiers tearing down makeshift encampments, places that the homeless often-times only have, in the middle of winter. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were talking about Hitler’s Berlin. Adams is a sociopath that’s doing the city’s dirty work for the DNC. Adams is also an electorate liability that recently caused the loss of 10 Democrat seats in NY state in the mid-terms and needs to be recalled immediately.

Under the leadership of mentally declining Joe Biden, the Democratic Party heaped more misery on New York state by sabotaging Governor Hochul’s re-election chances with their crazed crime rhetoric. That’s the same generational crime / neo-Confederate slavery strategy that has been employed over and over again to scare White Americans. Biden is neither mentally or physically fit to run in 2024. His continual stalling to endorse his own vice president is just a clumsy effort to try and derail and gaslight Kamala Harris’ Black destiny. Instead, what will he do? Nominate yet another bland, vanilla White man who won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the local Spelling Bee, let alone the vice-presidency.

So where exactly are we at? 157 years after emancipation from slavery, and still the country is massively racist and White privileged. Consequently, no one in their right mind can deny that Black America has the God given right to start their own political party – and that’s us. To vice president Harris, AOC, Governor Hochul and Stacey Abrams, just like how DINO Krysten Sinema recently abandoned the Democratic Party, women and Black Americans must emulate the same. Think about it – any party that states that Eric Adams is their future must be abandoned without delay. Further, now is the time to jettison the Analog Neo-slavery Democrats so as to start our own Big Tech political party. We, the long forgotten People, can fund our own cryptocurrency and make it a universal travel coin that encapsulates real power, sustainable power, that enables us to get this incarceration-fixated nation out of the prison business.

We simply can no longer support the Democratic Party’s Nazi-like policy of mass-incarceration and neo-slavery. Do you think it’s by chance that only 30% of Black men have a job in NYC? That sort of massive discrepancy is not brough about by regular supply and demand economics. That’s maliciously engineered, short and simple. Consequently, employment discrimination is rampant in our demographic, ensuring that the school to prison pipeline of Black men is kept running 24/7. That’s how today’s Democratic Party roles.

On top of that, most importantly, everyone by now should clearly see that the visionary that is Andrew Yang is right in so many ways, especially the need for new political parties and 2K UBI. With the toxic mix of recent big-tech mass firings and the pandemic, it is imperative that UBI becomes the cast-iron future of America. The myth of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is just that – an unobtainable myth. On a personal level, the way that I was treated in Sacramento, California, was shocking. My travel brand was immediately black-balled BY Mike Testa, and he embezzled tens of thousands by withholding my company from the bidding process for the big money, big convention groups. He then issues a bland, neither one thing or the other apology, and goes on to hire a Black women - tokenism at its most stomach-churning blatant. Yet that sort of crap happens every day in Biden’s America. (Incidentally, Testa is going to find out the hard way that he black-balled the wrong New Yorker, trust me).

TIPBnB, the backend of WomenPartyUSA, has been crafted with laser precision to be synergized allies. They stand shoulder to shoulder as they eagerly eye up the $100 billion dollar plus AirBnB market. Not only that, they are also sizing up the $17 billion dollar cannabis tourism industry, driven by the $900 billion dollar crypto-industry, all with our very own travel coin. Digital supremacy and Blockchain technology are set to rule politics, as well as the travel industry, for decades, if not centuries, to come. In addition, women world-wide are already organized, thanks to the leaders of the wraparound, seismic Women’s March Movement. The Roe -v- Wade Cyberwar fight back has to unquestioningly be fought remorselessly so that we purge the Supreme Court of its current far-right poison and forever shut down the evils that are Trump and DeSantis.

We hold as self-evident that Kamala Harris is our Queen CyberMonster, our genuine Commander-in-Chief. Join us now in the political tsunami that is solely and exclusively of our own making. TIPVets therefore reports for duty Ma’am. We were previously prepared to sacrifice our all , including our lives, for this country. Now we offer the very same to you, for you, for our movement and ultimately for our race. Ma’am, we implore you to heed our words and run the political race of your life to ascend to your rightful seat in the Oval Office.

We won’t back down. We won’t desert you. We are with you every step of the way.


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