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Women's clarion call

There are 162 million women that call America home. Yet that home is far from safe for

them. In fact, it’s potentially lethal given that the Republican party continues with its assault

on Roe v Wade, the right to have an abortion and women’s status in general. The

Handmaid’s Tale anyone? Is there any bigger canary in the coalmine than what the

Supreme Court is trying to do to long settled law?

One answer to these huge challenges is WomenPartyUSA. Led by female politicians, its

overriding goal is to capture the American and then global tourist industry. Digital will be at

the vanguard of that market capture as we believe that that will enable all women worldwide

to unite into a single movement, steadfastly committed to an unshakeable vision of

perpetual economic and political freedom. And mark our words, you heard that here first.

This also begs the question to all of those American women – what type of post pandemic

digital world do you want to live in? (The other side of the aisle are no better. We have a

Democratic Party readily establishing micro-police states across the nation, actively

terrorizing and disenfranchising Black Americans, all so as to ensure that their for-profit

prison complexes are always topped up). America, take note.

The exponentially growing Crypto epoch is similar to the breath-taking emergence of the

Model-T era of 1908 onwards.That same automobile industry took off once the government

stepped in and started building roads nationwide. Crypto is our Model-T. Now we must build the roads.

And in this case, the roads will be Blockchain technology.

We have lived in a male dominated society ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth

Rock. And as history has shown us over and over again, the patriarchy never wants to

relinquish any of its grip on power. Fast forward over 400 years and that same (White

dominated) patriarchy is still trying its best to oppress and enslave the Black population for

their own nefarious economic needs. Never forget that the majority of Founding Fathers

owned slaves, something that resonates very clearly to this day. Oppression is in the DNA

of the American body-politic.

Both sides of the same coin, Democrats and Republicans, also yell about their supposed

“crusades” to tackle crime and establish “law and order”, with of course the requisite

demand for ever more cops, simply because it’s an $80 billion dollar gravy-train business to

them. We stress “business” as both party’s idea of law, order and justice are all about

money and never about the needs of serving any number of diverse societies in a modern

sprawling country that is the USA.


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