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An Open Letter to NYC'S Journalists, Travel Writers, Hoteliers and Other Travel Enthusiasts and professionals:


Introducing GONYC2021.NYC for Mayor UBI & Universal Global Travel Movement


We all had a lot to lose if Trump was re-elected. 


The Trump administration’s xenophobia, insularism and threat of menace made the U.S. a very unwelcoming place for international travelers for the past 4 years, New York City alone was estimated to have lost up to one billion in lost tourist spending. Likewise, domestic travelers have had good

reason to have re-thought their plans and consider staying closer to home given the MAGA-inspired chaos and uncertainty that Trump inflicted on the country for four long, painful years. On the other side of the Atlantic, Brexit has proven to be very similar. 


The huge financial toll that the pandemic has taken on the travel industry, which the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates lost $5.5 trillion last year, is renewing complaints from hotels, airlines, and tour providers about the largely unseen percentages of their revenues they have to pay to online travel agencies, or OTAs ,“I don’t think most consumers understand how much hotels are paying out to acquire their business,” said Cindy Estis Green, CEO and cofounder of the hospitality data firm Kalibri Labs. 


NYC' travel professional we have a common enemy OTA's.


Jeff Bezos's Amazon blindsided and ravaged Mom & Pop Shops Nationwide and stole billions in tax revenue from the American people.


Behemoths Expedia and and their subsidiary brands: Priceline, Kayak,, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity blindsided the traditional travel industry. Goggle and Airbnb are on their way to becoming to the Amazon of Travel. 


Fortunately the pandemic is nature's way of resetting the imbalance in the travel industry, and as your Mayor I can't wait to help rebuild and re-imagine the industry I love.


 The COVID-19 pandemic has, as we all know, turned the world upside-down. The way we interact with other people, one of the most basic yet fundamental traits of humankind, has been massively disrupted. Economies have floundered. How we work has had to be completely re-thought. And modern travel, those multi billion-dollar myriad of threads that for so long have intertwined around the world, is fighting to establish how best to survive, let alone move forward post-pandemic.


Which raises huge questions in itself –should an intrinsically racist travel industry even be allowed to make a comeback after the pandemic? Or is there actually a compelling argument for socializing travel for the benefit of New Yorkers and all humankind?


Black America will not allow Airbnb to re-colonize the world via technology and we believe that Black America's trusted hotel, airline and tour providers should not allow OTA's to make a comeback.


 We believe that 90 million young voters are ready to embrace a new political party that embeds progressive ideas,  universal basic income, social movements, universal global travel and supports self-funding which effectively eliminates lobbyists dictating policy.


At the heart of Travel in Peace Nation is a political movement rooted in Social Tourism. Social tourism is the extension of tourism benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to travel. Our version benefits both the traveler and the host community. Technology and the pandemic has already disrupted both travel and politics—we want to take that to the next level together by harnessing the power of the pandemic for social good and to reclaim NYC'S 65 million tourists, FAST. 


The open, inter-connected and welcoming world that all of us wish for is being threatened – and it’s high time that we not only defend it but re-assert it as the global norm. If scientists and school teachers  banded together to protest. So then can travel professional . We have already laid the groundwork and hope you will join our Travel in Peace (TIP) movement.



You of all people know more than anyone of the positive impact that travel can have when it’s done well. As Maya Angelou said: “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea, it can introduce the idea that if we

try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” That is exactly what we want to encourage, more than ever given that we are now in the post-Trump era. Here's the good news, Dr. Fauci said virtually every American who wants a vaccine should be able to get one starting in April. Fellow New Yorkers, now is the time to prepare for the summer and the greatest 4th of July celebration on the planet but we must have a solid plan

 New York City has to be the fastest city to come back safely. ”We need to have the right leadership and a comprehensive plan to get our City back on its feet.- Andrew Yang


We have also formed the Travel in Peace Political Party to form a counterpoint to the toxic Tea Party. This is a place for all of those that feel like the mainstream Democratic Party has not listened to us or pushed hard enough for continued progress on socio-economic issues, so as to help us make

the party more progressive and travel friendly. Stacey Abrams and Black Women nationwide banded together to save Democracy Tipnation.NYC will ensure Black women receive their fair share to the $8.8 trillion dollar travel industry.


 NYC travel professionals are integral to pushing this movement forward and making our world a more travel friendly place and your travel business more profitable, help make universal basic income and universal global gravel a reality in NYC


 We hope you will not only get involved politically, but also as business partners and visionaries.



Fellow New Yorkers, It's simple.

The city and political party that controls the $8.8 trillion dollar global racist travel industry controls the world.



Tourism is too important to NYC and the world to let profit driven OTA's capital market executives dictate recovery.

 Together, we can change the world into something so much better,

To join this movement, visit or shoot us an email

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