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Unlike the GOP and DNC, TIP Political Party does not accept contributions from lobbyists, corporations or
individuals. We make our money the old fashion way—we earn it.  


The lesson Democrats should learn from Russia is that traditional warfare kills people, but pandemics and cyber warfare changes governments.

We declare war on those whose economic privilege is deeply rooted in and build upon generational slavery and who make no effort to extend that privilege to those to whom it's owed. The thirteen original slave-holding confederate states must atone for their treason and sins against humanity. We will not allow Republicans voters to hide behind their elected officials without inflicting pain on their economy. In 2021, pain is a two-way street.


We can no longer wait years for governments to step in. It took the entire world to stop the Holocaust and South African Apartheid. And now we need that global help again. You can make a difference today. We ask each of you not to visit or support the places that oppress us, both as an act of solidarity and for your own safety, which we fear could be in jeopardy if you visit the heart of Trump’s America.


Throughout history, political parties either evolve or perish. After losing to Trump, the unscrupulous handling of Andrew Yang, the loss of two Supreme Court justices, not having the political courage to aggressively impeach Trump, refusing to debate climate change,  watching our young die and Puerto Rico suffer, leaving 800,000 Dreamers in limbo, and not fully embracing cannabis legalization to reduce mass incarceration and generate revenue, we will no longer blindly follow the DNC off the cliff to political irrelevance. We are done fighting a cyber-war with WWII and Biden's Tactic. Today, fellow progressives, we declare ourselves corporations with the formation of TIP Political Party America's first self funding Blockchain and Cyptostrong Political Party. 

Democrats must run with fresh, paradigm-shifting progressive ideas—not to energize the base, but to turn red states blue. Travel is a powerful tool to bring people together and allow them to experience worlds outside their own. We envision a world where one day New Yorkers visit coal mines in West Virginia and those two groups coming together over that shared experience. But we can only make that vision a reality by first going to WAR.

The BnB Liberation Movement will morph into the TIP Political Party and usher in the Blazin20s post coronavirus. Our mission is to take back the White House and dominant the U.S. tourism industry, fostering both world peace and prosperity.


The founding fathers stacked the deck against many of us. However, there was no way for them to know that the Internet age would unravel their perfect union. Let's not walk or run—let's race to become the party of the future, a party that is weaponized, monetize and mechanize with cyber warriors and free of corporate vultures.


Today, fellow progressives, we declare ourselves corporations with the formation of TIP Political Party. America's first self-funding Political Party.

Rise up and let's get this PARTY started!


"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week".

-George S. Patton


Tipnation.NYC Endorses Andrew Yang for President in 2020


Operation Politics & Tourism Re-Imagined for

the People.

The BnB model will no longer be politicians’ whipping boy paid for by the hotel industry.

History dictates emerging tech titans of new technologies go to war for the people who adopted the new reality they created.

College Dems don't sell your soul to the DNC or DCCC. A fair, unbiased primary system is integral to making sure a political party continues to represent the will of it's constituents. 

AOC and Fellow Progressives, "DITCH the DNC."

The American two-party set-up is the fossil-fuel industry of political systems – archaic and toxic to the vast majority of Americans. That’s why the Democrats and true American Progressives now need to part company.

Full Reproductive Rights for Women

AMERICA, the DNC’s shady back room deals got us Trump. They lacked the vision to attract the 90 million millennial voters (who now outnumber baby boomers) and put their greed before voters.

Fellow New Yorkers and Progressives, Economic Activism is the Ultimate Resistance.


Jeff Sessions Officially Reignited the Civil War when he renewed the War On Drugs before he got fired by Trump.   

Increasing Supreme Court from 9 to 13 Justices.

Just like our ancestors had to go to war to free the slaves, we must go to war to free the incarcerated. No cannabis activist can truly Smoke in Peace until all cannabis users nationwide can legally Smoke in Peace. Cuomo, Murphy and ALL BLUE STATES equitable legalize cannabis NOW and FREE our people.

Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income for all Americans is the equivalent to Reparations.


It's time for economic resistance and political fortitude. It's time to declare war on Trump Supporters.


400 years ago, our ancestors were stolen from Africa and endured months chained head to toe in the shithole of slave ships.


Today, we are commandeering a luxury cruise line and headlining the on-board entertainment for our inaugural Humanity First Cruise to Puerto Rico, More importantly, we are introducing the world to OUR hand-picked  vice presidential candidate KAMALA HARRIS and the MEDIA IS INVITED.

Request media (pre-list) pass at

Cruise Date:TBA

Citizens of the World, Help Stop America’s impending tragedy.

Fellow veterans, today is the day we rise up and take political and economic control of our future and our loved ones’ futures.

High School & College Students: History tells us some of you will leave school in body bags with BIDEN as President. Just know your death will not be in vain. Tip Political Party, America's first self-funding political party, will fight for gun control to keep students alive. We hope you join us.


Stay connected for updates on the Movement and the launch of Tipnation's Travel Program



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

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