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Tipnation.NYC seeks to disrupt both travel and politics by making them one in the same through redirection of travel dollars from companies and places that stand in the way of progress to people and places that foster it.

Technology and the pandemic has already disrupted both travel and politics—we want to take that to the next level together.


The travel side of our business is known collectively as Travel in Peace (TIP) Nation. This is our platform for building, managing and growing shared economy communities that support our mission to travel in peace. In these communities around the world, we’re creating political action committees and finding Pro UBI candidates to fight anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation. We’re also providing economic opportunity through TIPBnB, TIPcruise and TIPtours. Each community will have hosts and tour guides to effectively manage each destination, strengthen our brand and support small locally owned businesses, including independently owned hotels (via TIPhotel)


We’ve created tribes based on race, ethnicity and gender  (AfroBnB and WomenunitedBnB) and three divisions

(VETBnB, SubwaysBnB, and SmokeinpeaceBnB) to completely disrupt and takeover lucrative low-hanging niches in the travel industry. SmokeinpeaceBnB will enjoy a first-movers advantage in the cannabis tourism marketplace. Each BnB tribe and division will have a sister tour company and receive support from our affiliated services

Our base companies, Travel in Peace Nation and  Smoke in Peace Nation were created to provide all BnB models with professional, customized tour operator services to compete directly with tour operators who offer escorted tours through hotels. Travel in Peace operates destination management divisions in each place that we serve. Our local team handles all aspects of our clients on-the-ground experience. We currently specialize in Jamaica, Barcelona, Cuba* NYC and the entire West Coast. But based on demand, we can establish services in any destination.  

(*Due to the complexities and nuances of operating in Cuba, we’ve partnered with Caribic Vacations Tours based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to assist with our People to People Cuba Adventure)

At the heart of Travel in Peace Nation is a political movement rooted is Social Tourism. Social tourism is the extension of tourism benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to travel. Our version benefits both the traveler and the BnB host community. 


We created AfroBnB to unite the Pan African Diaspora economically in the emerging $100+ billion shared economy and trillion-dollar travel industry, Post Corona Virus. We created TIP Political Party to be the Democrats’ counterpart to the Tea Party. Our mission is to take back the White House and dominate the U.S. and global travel industry.


We also chose this approach after we watched in amazement when the Democrats shut Airbnb out of the New York City market. Airbnb is facing legal challenges from multiple municipalities in the U.S. and globally, lawsuits funded by the hotel industry. With NYC politicians shutting down their operation in the world’s #1 tourist destination, forming a political party and supporting, funding and electing our own candidates will ensure our brand survives. We’ll bypass expensive lobbyists and lawyers and go right to the people of New York City.


We will not allow technological advances to recreate colonialism. These massive corporations are using technology to rape and pillage our natural resources. They don't even have the decency to pay their labor a living wage! Neo-colonialism must not be allowed to take hold! This is your opportunity to get involved and protect the lives and well-being of people all across the world! We believe the openbazaar platform will stop neo-colonialism. 


Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to population estimates released this month by the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials, define as those ages 18-34 in 2015, now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69).  As the youngest generation with disposable income, they have secured their status as leaders in travel and tourism. We believe that 90 million young voters are ready to embrace a new political party that embeds progressive ideas,  universal basic income, social movements, global travel and supports self-funding which effectively eliminates lobbyists dictating policy. TIP Political Party will be the first political party to embrace the internet and shared economic age.



The pandemic is nature's way of resetting the imbalance in the $8.8 trillion dollar racist travel industry, GONYC2022 can't wait to help rebuild and re-imagine the city and industry we love


There are 130,000 tour operators worldwide but only one shithole combat tourologist born and raised in Brooklyn.

Tip was conceived on a bus ride from Bed-Stuy to great adventures amusement park in the early 80s. Life, time, technology, military service, great global adventures, failure, the racist travel industry, Trump, do nothing corporate Dems and the pandemic spawned Tipnation.NYC.

Based on the legal dog fight and street fight I had with the taxi industry operating a tourist shuttle service in Fairbanks, Alaska and my experience in Sacramento operating a wine tour company and international travel club, I decided to enter politics to change things in the racist travel industry from the inside and to help recover NYC's 65 million tourists and re-illuminate Times Square, fast.

Our competitive advantage is our founder’s 20 years as an entrepreneurial tour operator creating tours all over the world from scratch, his unique connection with the Alaska and California tourism industry, a strong background in California wine tours and his 10 years of traveling the world with the U.S. Air Force. Our strategy is to become the voice of the anti-Trump social movement, unifying individual efforts to create a formidable voice and become the first brand to monetize a social movement. The traditional travel industry is one of the last industries not disrupted by technology. Our founder, a veteran tour operator re-imagined the Airbnb Model to not only disrupt the hotel industry, travel industry and politics. Our model disrupts the disruptor. The  demise of Thomas Cooke and pandemic are the game changers.  


Tour Industry Disruption Strategy:


  1. Unbundle tour packages to make price for each component of the tour transparent. The client only pays for components they want.

  2. For example, Jamaica is always a hot destination, and A Travel Company is offering a 7-day packaged tour of Negril for $2,357 per person. Airbnb has an extensive listing of housing options in Negril with an average rate of $50 for two beds or $25 per person. So the TIPBnB model could offer the same 7-day tour to our clients at a base price starting at $175 per person with airport & tour options. (Rates could be lower or higher based on the accommodations.)  

  3. Develop a destination management team in each location to work with local transportation, tour companies and tour guides. The destination team will also give clients a feeling of security.

  4. Provide clients with an easy way to explore any destination—TIPtaxi rideshare service, subway, bus, walking tours options, etc.  

  5. Create tour tribes and divisions that target specific niches or tribes within the travel industry (AfroBnB, WomenUnitedBnB, etc.).

  6. Use the current political climate to launch our company. Seldom do companies get involved in political causes, much less launch their startup encased in a political movement. But we think this distinction is an advantage. Our TIP Political Party is the Democrats’ counterpart to the Republicans’ Tea Party. There are currently 72 million disenfranchised Democrats and over 150 anti-Trump organizations. Biden and the DNC are simply paper tigers handcuffed to their donors and unable to engage in cyber warfare on a global stage.

The actions of Trump supporters and Marjorie Taylor Greene make it crystal clear that Democrats must act now to stop the confederacy from indeed rising again. Trump did not just magically disappear. An economic travel boycott is the only means we have to make our collective voices not only heard, but felt. 


 We are declaring war on those whose economic privilege is deeply rooted in and build upon generational slavery and who make no effort to extend that privilege to those to whom it's owed. The thirteen original slave-holding confederate states must atone for their treason and sins against humanity. So we are boycotting them and redirecting their clients to places that support progressive causes. We will not allow Marjorie Taylor Greene Republicans voters to hide behind Marjorie or any elected GOP officials without inflicting pain on their economy. #RedRonaTravelEmbargo


We can no longer wait years for government to step in. It took the entire world to stop the Holocaust and South African Apartheid.  And now we need that global help again. With social media we are bypassing governmental bureaucracy. Let's show them that in 2022, travel bans and pain are a two-way street.


Our plan isn’t limited to travel. We want a seat at the governing table. Within the first 100 days of the TIP Political Party administration, we’ll fund removal of every confederate statue and flag on federal or public lands in New York City. We’ll rename all streets and schools named after confederate soldiers and ensure all NYC textbooks have accurate information on slavery.  


In short, we’ll mirror what Germany did to eradicate Nazi history. There will be no compromising on ending the legacy of the Confederacy and Trump.


 We believe with the announcement of our #FeelThePainBoy Travel Boycott and the creation of Travel in Peace Nation and TIPBNB, OUR Party will become an iconic travel brand overnight for the world will know a formidable resistance movement has risen and will embrace our vision.


Unlike the South African Apartheid Boycott, we’ll be able to re-direct our supporters directly into our tour channels. In addition, we’ll create reciprocal subway adventures in any major city globally that supports our travel boycott, helping their local economies. Hurting Trump's supporters is incentive enough, but money adds tangible returns.

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Our wartime mission is to both totally disrupt and bankrupt Trump’s supporters’ tourism industries and win Gracie Mansion and eventually the White House. Trump won because the sons and daughters of the confederacy never ended the Civil War. They just don't get to walk away this time. As a Political Party, our Civil War II-Cyber Edition will forge on until the last descendants and defenders of confederacy ideology are dust and we as a PARTY can start to right the injustices of the past and Travel in Peace.  


The Power of the BnB Liberation Movement’s #FeelthePainBOY campaign is that it gives our supporters power to collectively apply economic pressure in response to injustice. For example, AfroBnB will be tied to the Black Live Matters Movement .We must and  will supplement the NAACP and Black Lives Matter’s call for Justice, globally.  


Womenunitedbnb will harness the power of the Women's Movement—which we believe is simmering and highly combustible—for economic activism. According to Forbes, women control 82% of all travel related decisions. That's power. 


Tipnation.NYC, supplements, amplifies and monetizes existing social movement. Our team creates compelling content, visuals and a home with strong social media outreach. Political and economic power is our ultimate goal, for social good. 


Our brand is  global—we anticipate operating in 182 countries worldwide. As social tourism activists, our goal is to always support the local populations. AfroBnB will give us access to 1.2 billion people in some of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations, Africa, Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. We are uniquely qualified to penetrate those markets with Afrobnb.   


Our Movement model and Tipnationshop will lead the business model with organic growth at minimum capital expenditures. All tours have been personally vetted and tested with actual groups by our founder, we are weaponizing to take advantage of the pandemic because the pandemic is the game CHANGER.


We are operational and patiently waiting for our trusted pandemic partners to re-start their operations. We are looking for business partners who share our vision for social good and see the potential of winning the White House and dominating the trillion-dollar travel industry by dismantling and disrupting politics and the traditional bloated racist travel industry.


We are looking for partners who are ready to go to war, to officially usher in the Shared Economy Era and Blazin20s, shutdown Jim Crow Democrats and Eric Adams and to better the lives of millions globally by making their home, car, personal knowledge, UBI and vote a source of revenue. 



Please review our vision at and if you are interested in being in the inner circle of this generation’s cultural war room please contact us.

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