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Why Joe Biden must pick Kamala Harris for VICE PRESIDENT BLACK AMERICA

There are lots of things that Donald Trump can’t stomach. Take your pick from reason, good manners, not being racist, scientific fact and generally being a decent human being. But there is also another category that really gets under his pompous skin –and that’s intelligent, articulate women that refuse to be treated as a verbal door-mat. Which is why when it comes to Joe Biden picking a running mate for vice-president, his choice should be Kamala Harris.

Harris is the antithesis of everything that Donald Trump stands for. She has a razor-sharp mind, has buckets of real-life legal experience from her time working in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and then as a progressive-leaning Senator from California. Coming from a mixed heritage of Jamaican and Indian, she identifies first and foremost as an American and that “I am who I am.” [1]

Donald Trump on the other had has a history of stiffing workers, suspect steaks, extremely questionable property deals and links with Russia, bankrupting casinos, jaw-dropping racism, misogyny and a terrible orange tan. And he identifies as being “a stable genius.”

Of course, we could then also compare Harris with Trump’s current VP, Mike “longing gaze” Pence. And he doesn’t fare much better than Trump. A renowned religious bigot with a history of support for the likes of gay “conversion therapy”, Pence has proven himself over the last three years to be nothing more than a bootlicking toady to Trump. For a man who professes to be a man of faith, he must somehow be comfortable with the idea of selling his soul to the devil.

Harris has a long-established pedigree of being an advocate for a wide range of progressive ideas.

She is in favor of meaningful gun control, particularly so in respect of assault weapons. Harris is also a keen advocate for a single-payer health care system, the nation-wide decriminalization of cannabis, transgender rights, a clear path for undocumented immigrants to secure American citizenship, robust environmental protections and the fight against human trafficking.

We all know, Donald Trump as president simply has to go. Another four years of lies, hatred, narcissism and self-aggrandizement will fundamentally alter the political and constitutional terrain of the US forever. If 2016 was a big deal, 2020 is bigger still. With that in mind, Joe Biden needs to make his ticket as broad and as appealing as possible. Sure, he’s leading Trump in every poll right now. But then cast your mind back four years and so was Hillary. We can’t take any chances this time round.

Which is why we need Biden to pick Harris as his running mate. Harris finds herself in a near unique position in that she appeals not only to progressives but to moderates too. As both Black American and Indian American, she is the genuine article when it comes to reflecting the full racial diversity of twenty-first America.

Let’s face it, the US has more than had its fill of elderly, white, male Americans running as either president or vice-president. Their track record is questionable to say the very least. Remember Tim Kaine?

Just on the basis of gender alone, the American people are more than ready for a change. Let’s not forget, Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election popular vote by nearly three million more votes than Trump. Another four years of a monochrome, homophobic, Trump-fawning Mike Pence is a nauseating prospect and one that the American people surely will reject.

Harris has an energy about her that offsets Biden’s more sedate tendencies. If you have fears of Biden being too main-stream, too “DNC”, then Harris is the perfect balance to off-set that.

Biden owe African Americans, particularly those in South Carolina, for saving his campaign when Sanders had surged ahead. Biden should find it within himself to repay that by choosing Kamala Harris to run alongside him on his ticket. Another white pick for VP would be a huge slap in the face for non-white America, especially black women.

As we know, Trump cannot abide a strong woman. Make Kamala Harris that strong woman of color and Trump looks even more archaic and out of touch. The demographics of the US are fundamentally changing FOREVER.

The Trump stereotype is looking more and more redundant as we edge ever closer to election day on November 3rd . Biden needs then to ensure that his ticket Appeals to as many Americans as possible and also to the natural inclination of the majority of Americans to be fair-minded, progressive and very, very anti-Trump.

Biden declare war on Trump by selecting Kamala Harris as your running mate and re-energize the BLUE WAVE AND EARN THE JOE BIDEN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY.


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