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You know how the Cleveland Browns inevitably implode every NFL season? Or how
night follows day and then day follows night?  Some things are such a given that you
could put you could put your mortgage on it and hit a bar afterwards for a relaxing beer
or two. Well, there’s a new stone-cold certainty in town. And that’s that failed human,
let alone failed politician, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has an uncanny ability to continually
screw up pretty much everything that he claps his eyes on. Like a reverse King Midas,
everything he touches turns to crap rather than gold.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are controversial things at the very best of times. Public
heath versus individual liberty is a fine tightrope to teeter across, even for the most
adept politician. Given that Adams has all the political tightrope ability of a drunken
octopus, we end up with yet another King of Stop and Frisk mess to have to get our
incredulous heads around. While Adams lifted the vaccine mandate for performers and
the city’s sports teams just in time for regular play to resume, he also came up with the
genius (and that’s genius with a huge side serving of irony) idea that city workers should
continue to have to abide by the vaccine mandate, failing which there could be the very
real risk that they could lose their job.




Republican Royce White isn’t the average jock turned politician

While the 30-year-old’s self-determined streak might have cost him a lucrative NBA career, he has a decent shot at being elected to Congress



Nobody wants to say it.

The economy looks great on paper. The U.S. added 678,000 jobs in February, even if those jobs don’t cover the cost of living. Wall Street keeps shaking off bad news, but it’s floating on greed and wishful thinking. Every time the president tweets, thousands of people beg him to pay attention to what’s really going on with the pandemic, and the economy.
We’re dying.

Rent eats half our paychecks.
Inflation chews up the rest, and soon nobody will be able to afford a thing. There won’t be anything for sale anyway.

Here’s the thing nobody wants to say: Entropy is taking over. Everything is breaking down and falling apart faster than we can rebuild or replace it. The corrupt system our parents built is done. Some experts have called this period the transition from Epoch A to Epoch B.
It’s going to get rough.

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